The World's Strongest Password Authentication

UniVaultage has pioneered a revolutionary, disruptive advance in knowledge-factor credentials for authentication and key derivation. Our innovation—UniVault®—heralds a new age of strong knowledge-factor security systems and the end of unsecure conventional password-based systems.

UniVault is based on one of the world's most successful standardization efforts–the Unicode® Standard. The current version, Unicode 9.0, encodes nearly 130,000 characters, used in virtually every writing system, modern and ancient. We recognized the power of Unicode for credential-based security systems and developed a patented technique that provides credentials of unprecedented strength that are also much easier to remember than conventional passwords.

UniVault leverages the ubiquitous support of Unicode in all major operating systems and programming languages to deliver the world's strongest authentication for any system that requires a password or passphrase. In other words, just about everything.

Reinventing password authentication.