PassWorks® Pro

Our first app, PassWorks Pro version 1.1, was released on the iOS and Mac App Stores in August 2016. PassWorks Pro securely stores your personal data including accounts, finances, people, notes, even photos and videos. Everything stored in PassWorks Pro is protected by the world's strongest password authentication, UniVault®, and encrypted with industry-standard AES-256 encryption. Entrust your critical data to the best secure data manager available today—PassWorks.

The first release of PassWorks supports Apple® iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, version 9.3 and later, and Apple macOS (formerly Mac OS X) computers, version 10.11 (El Capitan) and later. Both apps store data locally and support secure, reliable synchronization of your data between all of your Apple devices through Apple iCloud. All your information, including your account, is encrypted on your devices and iCloud.

UniVault is a revolutionary advance over conventional password authentication, allowing you to choose from nearly 60,000 Unicode characters, including emojis, and to create your own custom characters not found in any language. UniVault is not susceptible to any of the attacks hackers use today, such as brute force attacks, dictionary attacks, and rainbow tables. PassWorks allows you to create a custom character that is hundreds of bytes long - many times longer than your passwords today, and virtually unbreakable. The result? Unprecedented security that exceeds anything you've ever used or seen.

PassWorks was designed to store anything and everything that matters in your life for maximum accessibility and convenience, while offering greater security than ever available before. PassWorks Pro has eight flexible record types:

PassWorks makes it easy for you to enter and organize your information in a flexible way that makes the most sense to you. PassWorks starts out with thirteen folders, and you can add and modify folders as you see fit. You will wonder how you ever lived without PassWorks once you've used its time-saving features, such as the ability to take photos of the front and back of cards, your driver's license and other identification, and passport. Have a gift card or loyalty card with a bar code? Take a picture of it using PassWorks and scan your iOS device at the store. No longer will you have to carry dozens of cards with PassWorks.

Accessing your online accounts couldn't be more convenient with PassWorks, simply enter the URL address and credentials, and launch the browser within PassWorks. It automatically fills in your credentials, and stores the web address for mobile sites separately from those entered on the Mac version. For U.S. users, there are over 120 record templates, with the names, logos, and web site addresses loaded for you.

Five of the record types offer five customizable data fields each so that you can define additional data. You can assign labels for each of these record types that apply globally, or assign them in each record.

iCloud integration in PassWorks means you only have to enter your information once on any PassWorks-equipped device, and your other devices and computers - iPhones, iPads, and Macs - are synchronized in seconds. Your UniVault credentials are saved in iCloud Keychain and automatically synchronized to your devices. Importantly, all your information saved in PassWorks resides only on your devices and your iCloud storage - we do not ever have any of your data or account information, further protecting your privacy and confidentiality.

PassWorks Pro for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)

PassWorks Pro for macOS