Our first product, PassWorks Pro, was released on the iOS and Mac App Stores in August 2016. This page contains helpful tips to deal with technical issues that may arise during installation and operation of PassWorks.


iCloud is not required for PassWorks, unless you want to back up or synchronize your information across two or more PassWorks-equipped devices. We recommend enabling iCloud storage even if you only have PassWorks installed on one device, because your data will be securely backed up to iCloud in case your device or computer is broken, lost or stolen.

To create an Apple ID, click here. For information on creating an Apple ID from Apple, click here.

Step-by-step instructions on setting up iCloud on iOS are here and for Mac here.

If you are experiencing any issues with iCloud, you can check the current status of all iCloud systems here.

iCloud Keychain Issues

PassWorks stores the user's credentials in encrypted form in the iCloud Keychain, which is automatically synchronized across the devices and computers on which the user has enabled iCloud Keychain. Before you install PassWorks on several devices, you must ensure that you are logged into iCloud on each device with the same Apple ID and that iCloud Drive and iCloud Keychain are enabled on each device.

For helpful tips on setting up iCloud Keychain from Apple, click here.

iCloud Drive

You must enable iCloud Drive in order to use iCloud to back up and synchronize PassWorks with other devices. Information about iCloud Drive is found here.


There are four distinct editions of PassWorks: Pro, Deluxe, Media and Notes. Each edition stores its data in the same iCloud database, if iCloud storage is enabled. PassWorks synchronize everything between like editions, and likewise does not synchronize certain information between dissimilar editions. For example, if install PassWorks Pro on your Mac, the optimal choice for your iPhone and/or iPad is PassWorks Pro for iOS. When you add a saved UniVault character or new folder, those changes will be synchronized with your other PassWorks Pro installations. If, on the other hand, you install PassWorks Deluxe on your iOS device(s), the three types of records supported by the Deluxe edition (account, credit card, and financial account) will synchronize via iCloud (if enabled), but new folders and saved UniVault characters will not synchronize.

Accounts and Family editions

We recently discontinued the Accounts and Family editions of PassWorks to streamline our app lineup. In order to receive updates, please contact us at for a free upgrade to the next higher edition.


Apple added over a hundred new emojis and restyled many existing emojis in iOS version 10.2 and macOS version 10.12.2. We added all of the new emojis shortly thereafter in PassWorks. The core principle of UniVault is giving users to freedom to use whatever characters they want in their password, including those from any system keyboard. However, if your password includes one or more emojis that Apple updated and you select it from the emoji keyboard instead of UniVault, you might find that you are unable to log in to PassWorks. If this occurs, select the same emoji from UniVault instead of the emoji keyboard.