We developed UniVault for authentication and key derivation in our PassWorks® line of apps due to the many flaws and shortcomings of conventional passwords. See our Technology page for more information, but in short, UniVault allows users to choose from any of nearly 130,000 Unicode characters for their password, and to create custom characters that do not exist in any language. The result meets the previously unattainable and conflicting goals of knowledge factor authentication: passwords that are short and memorable for users, yet significantly longer and more random for unprecendented strength.

Now you can bring UniVault to your iOS and macOS (OS X) apps with our UniVault Developer Pack for XCode, consisting of the UniVault Objective-C source code, storyboards, and nibs used in our PassWorks apps, as shown below. We spent over two years developing the world's strongest password authentication, but you can enjoy all the benefits and advantages of UniVault in your app today at minimal expense.

The UniVault Developer Pack for XCode includes the following:

Contact us at sales@univaultage.com for pricing and more details.

We are currently porting UniVault to Visual Studio/Xamarin for Windows 10 (UWP), Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Phone, Android, iOS and macOS, and will offer a UniVault Developer Pack for Visual Studio/Xamarin by mid-2017.

We are also developing a library for iOS and macOS XCode projects that implements the key aspects of UniVault without a UI. Please return soon for more details.

UniVault on iPhone

UniVault on iPad

UniVault on macOS